You are magic and miracle

I will always miss you little. You were the one who turned a woman into a mother. When they placed you in my arms, I knew that life would never be the same, love would never be the same. There is no love like mothers love and only then, as I held you, did I understand how deep and how strong love could be.

You were a tiny bundle of magic and miracle.

So many hours I cuddled you close, kissing perfect fingers and tiny toes. In the midst of those early days with their endless nights, it seemed we had so much time. But, you have grown so tall, changed so much and as I watch you now, in all the awkward glory of pre-teen pubescence, the moments that made up the years spanning then and now flood my mind.

I remember pink bows and Easter dresses as we shop and I see your style.

I remember lullabies and songs hummed through sleepless nights as we sing loud to the radio and I hear your melody.

I remember first words as we talk and I hear your hopes and dreams.

And although I will always miss you little, I love you nearly grown because in this awkward glory of pre-teen pubescence, I glimpse her, the woman you are becoming…

And she is magic and miracle.